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How to Break in a Subwoofer? And What Happens if You Don't?

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How to Break in a Subwoofer? And What Happens if You Don't?

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You just got an awesome new subwoofer installed into your car, so now what? While most people would want to immediately bump the bass and start cranking their favorite songs, that may not be the best way to get started with your subwoofer. Instead, many experts suggest that you should try to break in a subwoofer.

Do You Need to Break in a Subwoofer?

You should absolutely break in a new subwoofer. If someone tells you that you can turn the bass all the way up right off the bat, they are giving you bad information. You need to give the various components of the subwoofer time to break in and get settled.

What Happens if You Don’t Break in a Sub?

If you do not break in the subwoofer, you risk shortening the lifespan of the subwoofer and lowering the sound quality of the bass. So while failing to break in a new sub will not result in any serious damage, it does mean your subwoofer is unable to perform at its very best.

How to Break in a Subwoofer?

Breaking in a subwoofer is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is play some bass happy music at a low or medium volume for around two hours a day. So pick your favorite metal, rap, or techno, keep the volume steadily low, and let your subwoofer slowly break in.

How Long Does it Take to Break a Subwoofer In?

The amount of time it takes to break a subwoofer in depends on the speaker and your car stereo system. Some have claimed they can break in a subwoofer in two days, while others say it takes closer to two weeks. You should hear a noticeable improvement in the performance of the bass when the subwoofer is in fact broken in. Ultimately, consult with your subwoofer installation expert to see what they suggest.

Why Does My Subwoofer Smell Funny?

If your subwoofer smells funny, you likely did not break it in properly. The smell could be the coil or glue burning off, but any funky scent coming from a new subwoofer means you need to break the sub in more.

How Do I Stop My Subwoofer From Vibrating?

Just because the subwoofer is broken in does not mean you should turn the bass frequency all the way up. If your subwoofer is properly installed, vibration likely means that you have turned the bass or volume too high for the subwoofer to handle. The last thing you want to do is blow out your sub!

Expert Subwoofer Installation in San Diego at Car Stereo City

Buying a high-quality subwoofer is just one part of the equation. In order to get the best sound possible, you need expert subwoofer installation, in some cases a custom sub box, and to break the subwoofer in.

At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we offer expert sub installation as well as advice on how to properly break in your subwoofer. If you are interested in learning more about breaking in a subwoofer or a quote on subwoofer installation, contact us today by calling (858) 277-1823.