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5 Best Car Amplifiers on the Market Right Now | 2019

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5 Best Car Amplifiers on the Market Right Now | 2019

Car Stereo City

A car amplifier is the hidden MVP of a car stereo system. While many people like to splurge on a subwoofer or high-quality speakers, a car amplifier is really the most valuable player if you want amazing, high-quality sound. That is why it is important to get only the best car amplifiers installed in your vehicle. Car Stereo City is home to the experts when it comes to installing a car amplifier in San Diego, and below we list some of the best car amplifiers on the market right now.

If you are interested in car amplifier installation in San Diego, contact us today by calling (858) 277-1823.

1. Alpine Amplifier

This powerful and durable car amplifier is a great way to turn up the sound quality of the music you are playing in your car. Not only does the Alpine amplifier allow 1200W 4 ohms of power, it also offers cutting-edge thermal protection and six layers of glass epoxy to make sure this amplifier is built to last.

2. Hifonics Zeus Class-D Subwoofer Amplifier

Are you wondering which amp is best for a subwoofer? Look no further than the Hifonics Zeus Class-D subwoofer amplifier. This amplifier provides the punch needed to really get that bumping bass that many music aficionados crave. It is rare to be able to really crank a subwoofer and the bass all the way up without getting distortion or otherwise impacted sound, but this Hifonics amplifier delivers.

3. Infinity Car Amplifier

The Infinity car amplifier is the best car amplifier for those looking for a simple and easy way to improve the sound quality of your car stereo system. There is no need for fiddling with an equalizer with this amp, as the built-in dynamic base operator helps adjust the sound of your music automatically. The amp also features a Bluetooth system that allows for easy music access, making the Infinity amplifier a perfect amp starter kit.

4. Kenwood Excelon Car Amplifier

The Kenwood Excelon car amplifier features a minimalistic design that makes it easy to install into any vehicle, regardless of the make or model. The amp is also waterproof, meaning you can find various different places to hide the slim amplifier in your car. Given its diminutive size, this amp packs some pop to it, giving you clean, high-quality sound at an affordable price.

5. Rockford Fosgate Class D Amplifier

The Rockford Fosgate Class D amplifier is a small but mighty part of any sound system. While it is small in size, it can still provide enough power to pump the volume all the way up without losing significant sound quality. As an added bonus, it is quite strong and sturdy, built to last for a long time regardless of where it is installed.

Car Amplifier Installation in San Diego at Car Stereo City

If you are ready to take your car stereo system to the next level, you need to install a new car amplifier. Car Stereo City has all of the best car amplifiers, offering expert car amplifier installation in San Diego at an affordable price. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above-listed car amplifiers or would like to install a car amplifier in San Diego, contact us today by calling (858) 277-1823.