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8252 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92111
United States

Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa has the best car audio, car video and security systems in San Diego.

Boat Stereo System & Marine Audio San Diego

Car Stereo City San Diego offers high quality marine audio. If you need the best marine stereo or affordable boat speakers, come to our Kearny Mesa office.

Marine Stereo Installation & Boat Stereo System in San Diego

San Diego boat stereo installation at Car Stereo City San Diego.
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San Diego is THE Best Place to Enjoy riding a boat for some fun in the sun

San Diego is synonymous with sunshine. When you live in America's finest city, the sun is like an overzealous puppy; a perpetual shadow to your every move. Except for that week or two exception when the harsh San Diego winter rolls in with weather approaching (gasp) the low 50s, it is always a great time to glide along one of the many beautiful bodies of water that litter San Diego like puddles after a storm. If you like being out on the open water with the sun beaming down upon you and the water splashing through your hair, you need a boat!

The Best Places in San Diego to take your boat for a cruise

San Diego is full of amazing destinations that make even the most traveled tourist drool in anticipation of the sensory feast they are about to partake in. A large amount of these destinations are aquatic destinations, and luckily we are here to break down the very best places to take your boat out in San Diego.

Take Your Boat for a cruise in beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego

If you are boating in San Diego, you need a premium marine audio system from Car Stereo City in San Diego. We can get your boat playing the very best music with boat stereo systems and boat speakers.

Mission Bay is one of the favorite places to hit up in San Diego to take your boat out for a spin. The bay is optimized for your speed boat, with clearly marked no-wake 5mph zones, no limit zones, and 4 free loading docks. The bay is also a daredevil's paradise, with Jet Ski and Sea Doo friendly zones as well. No commercial or military boats take the water in Mission Bay, making it the perfect place for an afternoon of recreation.

San Diego Bay is a great place to drive boats in San Diego

Next to Mission Bay is San Diego Bay, aka "The Big Bay". As its nickname would attest, San Diego Bay is significantly larger than Mission Bay, and can also be a little tougher to traverse. San Diego Bay is the home to a litany of commercial and military boats and watercraft, and also is not as straightforward and obvious about no-wake zones. You need to known what you are doing onboard a boat to really have a great time out in San Diego Bay.

Lake Cuyamaca In Julian is a great place to ride a boat in San Diego

Lake Murray is located near SDSU and La Mesa, and offers a great opportunity for boating and other aquatic adventures. There is a $7 ramp launch fee, but after that you are free to cruise the luscious lake and enjoy the amazing scenery and bird watching.

Ride Your Boat in Lake Hodges off the 15 freeway in San Diego

Lake Hodges is located just south of Escondido and offers a great getaway to take the boat out on the water. Lake Hodges provides a ample opportunity to stretch out your sea legs! If fishing is your cup of tea, Lake Hodges has largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, bullhead and carp.

Car Stereo City has the best marine audio in San Diego. If you need a new boat stereo system custom installed in San Diego, come to Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa

Car Stereo City Has the best Marine Audio in San Diego

Now that you know the best places to bring your boat for a spin in San Diego, it is time to really make your boating experience that much better. Enjoy your favorite music out on the water. Car Stereo City specializes in marine audio and boat stereo systems, so if you need speakers and subwoofers installed on your boat come to our Kearny Mesa offices today! 

Top Quality Boat Speaker Systems in San Diego

Whether you need to get an existing sound system iPhone and Android compatible or a full boat audio system, Car Stereo City has you covered! We supply and install the industry's leading manufacturers. We are an authorized dealer in San Diego for JL Audio, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Kicker Livin' loud, Orion, Infinity, and many more marine stereo manufacturers.  We carry boat stereos, full marine stereo systems, boat speakers, marine audio systems, subwoofers and boat radios. 

water resistant boat stereo systems and waterproof speakers

If you are out on the open water, you do not want to have to worry about your awesome marine audio system getting wet. That is why Car Stereo City offers waterproof speakers and water resistant boat stereo systems. Get high quality sound that is safe in sound no matter how rough and choppy the water may be.

Boat subwoofers for a booming bass while you are boating in San Diego

No sound system is complete without a subwoofer. A premium subwoofer brings the music to life, so you can not only hear the music but feel it reverberating through your very being. A Car Stereo City marine audio system offers premium subwoofers customized to operate perfectly while you are out on the bay or on a lake.

Boat Stereo System Installation and service in San Diego

Car Stereo City offers the best marine audio and boat stereo installation with all of our products. Our team of professionals will handle your system with care and have you cruising the water with top of the line sound in no time! Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego by calling (858) 277-1823.