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8252 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92111
United States

Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa has the best car audio, car video and security systems in San Diego.

San Diego Car Video Monitor & DVD Player Installation

Car Stereo City's the premier one stop shop for affordable car video systems and car video player installation. Watch A DVD in your car or play video games

Car Video & TV Monitor Installation In San Diego

Watch TV in your car in San Diego with Video Installation.

Install a Car Video Player from Car Stereo City

We are living in an unprecedented era of entertainment. A combination of technological advances and increased opportunity has resulted in a vast cornucopia of media entertainment.

Television alone is at a creative apex, with streaming services and traditional television networks giving viewers a seemingly limitless array of options when it comes to captivating shows to contemplate. Combine all of these TV shows with video games, all of the entertainment on the internet, and other outlets and you have a daunting amount of options to entertain yourself, with only a limited number of hours in the day.

Give yourself more time to watch the scintillating entertainment you know and love with a car video player.

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Why Install a car Video Player in San Diego

A car video player has numerous benefits, some obvious and some a bit more subtle. Here are a list of reasons to install a car video player from Car Stereo City in San Diego

Make Car Trips Fly by with a car video System

If you have a big family, you already know how hard long car rides can be. The frequent stops, fighting amongst the kids in the back, and of course the frequent pestering of "Are we there yet?". A car video system can at least keep your car entertained. While you are listening to music, a podcast, or a book on tape entertain your passengers with an exciting movie or TV show.

Play video games while in the car with a car video player

While video games have an negative stigma, they can actually be beneficial for children, They can teach teamwork, collaboration, hand-eye coordination, information retention and attention to detail. While you are driving along the road, the passengers could be productive trying to solve  puzzling level in an educational video game connected to a car video player.

Cater to each individual passenger with a car video system

One of the cool features of a top of the line car video system is the ability to have different sources of entertainment for each and every passenger. While maybe your 4 year old wants to watch an episode of Scooby-Doo, your 15 year old is more interested in The Bachelor. With a premium car video system, each TV can be on a different channel or input, allowing each passenger to express their individuality by choosing exactly what they want to watch. Avoid a fight before it even begins!

Create a moving movie theatre with a car television screen

Car Stereo City in San Diego offers expert installation of car video systems in your car. Make car rides with your family better with a car video player to watch TV, play video games and more.

Want to get away? Create a moving movie theater with a car television screen. Take your car out to the desert in San Diego, roll down your moonroof and gaze up at the stars while watching a movie with your special someone. Drive down to the beach and listen to the waves crash while you enjoy some entertainment. Go up in the mountains and watch the sunset while watching your favorite team. If you have a car video player, the world is your movie theater!

Car Stereo City offers top of the line car video screens

If you are in need of a car video player, you need to come to Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa. We carry all of the top of the line brands of Video screens and players at affordable prices. We have a great selection and knowledgable experts ready to help you pick out the car video system that is perfect for you.

Expert Car Video Player Installation in San Diego

A car video player is only as good as the installation. You do not want unsightly wires protruding at all angles. You want a car video player that was so perfectly installed most will assume the video player came with your car when you bought it. Car Stereo City offers that level of expert installation, with trained and experienced installers ready to step your car up a level!  

Car Stereo City San Diego carries every type of car video monitor

Car Stereo City in San Diego carries all of the different type of car video monitors. We know each person has a different preference when it comes to installing a TV monitor or video player into the car, so we make sure to have a variety of options to choose from.

Types of car video players at car stereo city san diego

Dash Car Video Players and TV Monitors

Getting a car video player installed in your dashboard is one of the easiest ways to watch DVDs and movies in your car. There is already a space available for the monitor so installation is very easy, and you can easily hook up the monitor to the rest of your car stereo system and speakers. The video player will only be used when parked, as it is extremely dangerous to drive and watch movies at the same time. With a dash video player, you can turn your car into a mobile movie theater! Drive yourself and a special someone to your favorite place, relax, and enjoy one of your favorite films!

Car Stereo City offers expert installation of a wide variety of car video players. If want a TV monitor installed in the dashboard of your car come to Car Stereo City in San Diego.

Flipdown tv monitor for your car

A flipdown monitor is a great way to have a TV and DVD player in your car and have it safely hidden from view. Car Stereo City in San Diego offers expert installation of flipdown video monitors that will seamlessly integrate into your car. The hidden car video monitor will allow you to watch DVDs, movies and play video games from the comfort of your car. Flipdown video players are perfect to keep the family entertained during long car rides. Get a flipdown TV player installed in your car today at Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa.

Get a headrest car video player from Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa. We offer expert installation of car monitors and DVD players to make family road-trips go by in a jiff!

Headrest Car Video Player and TV Monitor

A headrest video monitor is a great way to keep everyone entertained in the car when you go on a long car ride. We expertly install the video player directly into the headrest of the seat in front of you, for an elegant and attractive video, DVD and TV player. This seamless integration is very user-friendly, allowing those sitting in the back of the car to easily work the touchscreen to put on their favorite movie or DVD. If you want a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows while in the car, come to Car Stereo City in San Diego for expert installation of a car headrest video player.

Car Stereo City in San Diego offers expert installation of headrest car video players. Watch TV in your car with a car TV monitor and screen.

Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego for a Car Video Monitor & DVD Player

Car Stereo City is ready to install a car video player into your car so you can watch TV and movies while driving on a road trip. If you are interested, contact Car Stereo City by giving us a call at (858) 277-1823.