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8252 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92111
United States

Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa has the best car audio, car video and security systems in San Diego.

Car Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Stereo System

A bluetooth car stereo system allows you to connect your iPhone & Android to your car. Get a Hands-Free Bluetooth stereo at Car Stereo City San Diego.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Stereo System In San Diego

Bluetooth stereo system San Diego music installation.

Car Stereo City in San Diego are the expert when it comes to optimizing your car stereo system. Whether it be installing a brand new bumping subwoofer, an amplifier to smooth out your music, a new receiver or a set of superior speakers, Car Stereo City has you covered for all of your music needs in your vehicle. That includes installing a bluetooth stereo system, a must if you live in California. Give us a call today at (858) 277-1823.

California law means you need a car stereo bluetooth system

Car Stereo City Bluetooth Stereo Installation.

For quite some time now, California has put into effect laws that make it against the law to talk on your phone while driving. In order to obey the law and avoid pricy tickets, it is a necessity in California to get a hands-free Bluetooth phone. Car Stereo City will set you up with a Bluetooth Stereo System that makes hooking up your iPhone, Android or other device to your car stereo system a walk in the park. We will provide set-up instructions right at our San Diego location and provide answers to any questions you may have. As a California resident, you need to get Bluetooth car phone set up, so why not get it from the experts at Car Stereo City?

Listen to Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal & More in Your Car With a Bluetooth Stereo System

Most people have a smartphone at this point. In fact, a 2015 survey showed that 68% of adults now own a smartphone, a number that is surely only going to continue rising. With the addition of smartphones to most people's lives, the way people listen to music has experienced a revolution. Gone are the days of listening to AM / FM radio and CDs. Instead, we are currently in the streaming era, where many people have access to a seemingly endless supply of music over the internet. With services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Tidal making it easy to stream any artist of your choice, you can bring your entire music library with you in your pocket. A Bluetooth Integrated Stereo System allows you to play streaming music seamlessly over your car stereo system with ease. Listen to any music you want in your car with a Bluetooth stereo from Car Stereo City in San Diego.

Get Directions over your speaker system with google maps or apple maps in San Diego

There are few innovations that smartphones have brought about that are more impactful then maps. Remember the days when you had to pull over to consult a map, or even more recently print out Mapquest directions for your car? It feels about as antiquated now as Ancient Rome now that we have Apple Maps or Google Maps on our phones. At the touch of our fingertips, we can get directions to anywhere and everywhere we want to go. What makes it even more special is the fact that these map apps also provide step-by-step verbal instructions as well. This makes following directions while paying attention to the road that much easier. With Bluetooth Integrated Hands-Free Stereo, you can get your mapping directions spoken over your high quality car stereo system. Car Stereo City doesn't want you getting lost, so we make it easy by installing a Bluetooth Stereo into your car to make driving directions easy!

Get a Bluetooth Car Stereo System Installed at Car Stereo City in San Diego today!

Are you ready for your car to make the leap to the 21st century? Car Stereo City is ready to install a high quality Bluetooth Car Stereo System into your car today! Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego today for a quote by giving us a call at (858) 277-1823.