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5 Ways a Car Video & DVD Player Helps on a Road Trip

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5 Ways a Car Video & DVD Player Helps on a Road Trip

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Car Stereo City in San Diego offers car video player installation.

A road trip always seems like a good idea when you’re at home trying to think of ways to get your whole family to Grandma’s house for the holidays – without spending all your money on plane tickets.

But there comes a time in every road trip where you question that decision. It’s usually when you’re about half way to Grandma’s and everyone has grown tired of playing the license plate game. By then, the novelty has worn off, the kids have started to annoy each other, and you’re already dreading the trip back home.  

This, people, is why car video systems exist – to help you maintain your sanity.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 ways a car video system will enhance your holiday road trip this year:

Keep the kids entertained with a car video player

This is a given. If you have small children, you know how tough it can be for them to sit still for long periods of time. You also know how magically still and quiet they can become in front of a television screen.  Sure, we hear all the time about the importance of limiting screen time for small children, but we’re pretty sure that rule does not apply to road trips. At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we can set you up with headrest video monitors or overhead video monitors to keep those little ones in the backseat entertained.  

Entertain kids of different ages with a car headrest DVD player

Although your little kids may be smitten with Dora and Diego, your older kids will go crazy if they have to listen to those cutesy high-pitched voices for a full 8 hours at time. If you install all-in-one video monitors (which include DVD players as well as a variety of video inputs) in both headrests, two backseat passengers can watch their own content and use headphones for audio output. The expansion possibilities of some headrests make it possible for two units to be wired to display video from one source – for that rare occasion when your kids are on the same page.

Entertain the adults up front with a car television screen

Yes, it’s a relief to have your children riding peacefully in the back seat, but goodness knows you don’t want to listen to Dora, Diego, or sappy teenage vampire dialogue for hours on end.  A receiver with dual- or multi-zone capability will allow you play a DVD for the kids in the back and still listen to your satellite radio programs up front.

More than just movies with car video monitor

A great entertainment system can provide more than just cutesy characters, vampires, and medieval fantasy epics for your family’s road trip pleasures. For example, if you have two video monitors, a satellite radio tuner hooked up to an in-dash receiver with multi-zone capability, as well as a game system, you’ve got it made. One person can listen to Sirius XM over the car speakers while one backseat passenger plays a video game and another watches a DVD.  Then, next thing you know, you’re at Grandma’s.

Downtime in the car with a car video player

By the time you get to Grandma’s house, you may find that you need a little bit of “adults only” time.  Leave the kids with Grandma and make a “grocery run.” Drive somewhere quiet, park the car, and pop in your “Game of Thrones” DVD to watch on your in-dash screen. Then snuggle up and breathe a sigh of relief.  Don’t forget to stop at the store on your way back to Grandma’s – you know, to keep with the theme of the “grocery run.”

Car Stereo City has top of the line car video & DVD players

Remember how much you used to love jumping in the car and driving for hours on end? Sure, having kids changes everything, but long car trips can still be fun.  At Car Stereo City, we want you to remember the joy of road tripping this holiday season.

Come in to see us in Kearny Mesa. We’ll hook you up with a car entertainment system that will keep you and your passengers happy – this holiday and beyond. Contact Car Stereo City by calling (858) 277-1823.