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Benefits of Car HID Headlights in San Diego, California

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Benefits of Car HID Headlights in San Diego, California

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HID headlights and HID light kit installation.

Now that we’ve switched our clocks back an hour, it’s getting dark earlier. For the next couple of months, the darkness is going to continue eating into our days.  Before you know it, it’ll be dark while you’re driving home from the gym or picking up your kids from their after school programs. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to do a whole lot more driving in the dark than you do at any other time of the year.

You may think, ‘So what? Driving at night is no biggie,’ but when you look at the statistics about driving fatalities, it really is a big deal.

The Dangers of Driving at Night

  • 40% of fatal crashes happen at night (despite the smaller number of drivers on the road).
  • The highest rate of car crash fatalities (by hour of day) happens between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

That means, during these fall/winter months, it’s doubly important to keep your eyes on the road.  

HID headlights provide the increased visibility that will help you do exactly that. They’re also more efficient and longer lasting than traditional halogen headlights.

What are HID headlights for your car or truck?

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights use a technology that replaces the filament in a light bulb with a capsule of gas (usually xenon). The result is a bright blue-white light more similar to the light of the sun than your run-of-the-mill yellowish halogen headlights.

HID headlights have better visibility at night

HID headlights provide better nighttime visibility than halogen. They produce a wider beam that allow drivers to see better, especially along the sides of the road. Studies concluded that drivers with HID headlights were better at “detecting edge-of-roadway hazards, such as pedestrians and animals.”

Car HID headlights are more energy efficient

Even though they’re brighter than halogen, HID headlights draw 25% to 30% less power from your car’s electrical system and battery. And because they run so much cooler than halogen, they also waste considerably less energy in the form of heat.   

HID headlights are longer lasting than traditional car headlights

Under normal circumstances, a halogen bulb can be expected to perform for approximately 500 hours.  HID lights? Up to 3000 hours.  

Enough said.  

Get HID Headlights Installed in Your Car at Car Stereo City

At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we carry high quality HID headlights. If you need help finding the right ones for you and your car, we’ve got you covered. Our professional staff will walk through our top name brand inventory answer all your questions, and install your new HID headlights for you.

No, you can’t avoid driving in darkness during the winter months, but by increasing your visibility, you can decrease the risks. Let us help. Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego by calling (858) 277-1823.