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Benefits of Installing a High Quality Car Subwoofer

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Benefits of Installing a High Quality Car Subwoofer

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Car Stereo City subwoofer installation.

You’re driving west on the 8, speeding past the Mission Valley Mall, zero traffic. Suddenly, your favorite song comes on the radio (or on your iPod or whatever).  You know the one. The one that reminds you of your long lost youth and makes you sing out loud with all you’ve got. Or maybe it’s the one that makes you bob your head, feeling slick and smooth and untouchable.

Yeah, that one.

So you turn it up. Then you turn it up again, trying to get the song loud enough to touch your soul.

But you can only go so far until the music distorts and your car’s speakers sound like they won’t be able to take much more.


If you had a high-quality subwoofer, the experience could have been magical.

It’s not all about that bass with a subwoofer

When many people hear the word “subwoofer,” they think about the thumping and vibrating car next to them at a stoplight.  They think, “No way. I don’t want to be that guy.”

But that’s not what a subwoofer is all about. Yes, it can give you vibrating bass if that’s what you want, but if you don’t…it won’t. Your subwoofer speakers serve the purpose of enhancing the low-frequency range of your music. Here are 4 reasons why you want a subwoofer.

4 Reasons You Want a High-Quality Subwoofer

A better, fuller sound experience with a subwoofer

Low frequency creates a sense of fullness within music. But car speakers are smaller and less powerful than, say, home stereo speakers. They can’t replicate low-frequency sounds. So, without a subwoofer, you end up listening to the upper registers of the music, and it’s usually a thinner experience. The addition of a subwoofer allows you to hear the rich bass and other low-frequency tones that help the music get up in your soul – regardless of how loud or soft you play it.

Distortion is the enemy with a subwoofer

Look, there will be times when you want to turn up your music loud. Maybe not always, but sometimes, right? Well, because your car speakers weren’t designed to handle those low frequencies when you do turn up the volume, you’re going to hear crackling, hissing, and whatever else. That’s because you’ve pushed your speakers beyond their capacity. But a subwoofer can handle higher volumes of bass and all those low-frequency sounds, so it’ll do the work to help keep your music clean and pure.

A subwoofer protects your speakers

Car audio systems have to operate in the limited constraints of the vehicle.  Their speakers are much smaller than those you’ll find in home stereo systems. Even knowing this, we often expect them to do the same work and create the same sounds as our home stereos. We love our music, and we want to be surrounded by it. But pushing the speakers beyond their capacity doesn’t just distort the music; it also damages the speakers.  When you introduce a subwoofer to your stereo system, the lower frequencies are directed through it. So you lighten the load for your speakers and protect them from damage.

A subwoofer doesn’t have to take up interior space

Here’s a fun fact: bass is non-directional. So even with the subwoofer placed in the trunk of your car, you’ll hear the low frequencies all around you. They won’t sound like they’re behind you.  That means that you can enhance the audio experience in your car without sacrificing the interior space you need for your softball team or your Great Dane.

Want more information on which subwoofer is best for your car in San Diego?

Come in and see us at Car Stereo City in San Diego.  We’ll answer your questions and help you choose the best subwoofer & best brand for your car, your needs, and your budget. Our skilled, professional installers will help you get it up and running so you can drive away head-bobbing or top-of-the-lungs singing to your favorite song.

Call us at (858) 277-1823. We can help you get that music all up in your soul.