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Car Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions in San Diego

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Car Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions in San Diego

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Car Stereo City window tinting FAQ.

Thinking about tinting your car windows? If so, at Car Stereo City in San Diego, we say go for it. Tinted windows make for a better-looking ride and a more comfortable driving experience. Wanna know more? Take a look below at our list of frequently asked questions about car window tinting.

What are the benefits of having my car windows tinted?

For starters, tinted car windows look great and give you privacy.  But no, that’s not all. They also improve your comfort by regulating the levels of heat and light, so you get less glare and you’re protected from harmful UV rays. The tint saves energy, too, because your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. With tinted windows, you’re also safer than you are without them because the film provides shatter resistance, keeping glass from flying around in the event of window breakage.

What is the window tint film actually made of?

Window film is typically made out of Polyethylene Teraphthalate, which is the same polymer used to manufacture water bottles. It’s applied to the interior surface of the window.

How long is it going to take to tint my car’s windows?

That depends on your vehicle and how many windows you want us to tint. Generally, you can plan on us taking 1 to 3 hours to set you up with tinted windows. We can give you an estimate once we know the details of your car and what you want.

How should I safely clean my tinted car windows?

You definitely want to stay away from ammonia and products that contain ammonia. Vinegar cleaners like Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner work well, or you can make your own cleaner by mixing vinegar and water. Soap and water are fine, too. Just make sure to use a soft paper towel or another non-abrasive cloth to wipe the windows. Also, be sure to wait 2 to 4 days after we install your tint before you do any window cleaning.

Do I need to do anything special to my tinted car windows once they’re tinted?

When we install your window tint, we’ll recommend that you don’t clean or roll your windows down for a couple of days while the film sets. Besides that, just try to be careful not to snap the seatbelt against the glass or scratch the tinted window with a bike pedal when you’re loading or unloading. The tint isn’t fragile but it can be chipped or scratched. Also, lots of exposure to mud and sand can get grit down in the gasket, and that can cause scratching when you roll the window up and down. So, keep that in mind that you might be better off taking your brother’s truck to go off-roading instead of yours.

How can I prevent my tinted windows from bubbling and turning purple?

Have them tinted at Car Stereo City. The film we use is not going to bubble or change color. That’s what happens when you use the cheap stuff or do it yourself. We don’t use the cheap stuff. Our combination of high-quality products and professional installers means there will be no bubbling or purpling when you have your car windows tinted at Car Stereo City.

Are tinted car windows guaranteed to prevent interior fading?

No. Tinted windows cannot completely prevent fading because there are other things that cause it, but they do block 99% of the ultraviolet rays that cause the majority of fading and deterioration of your car’s interior.

Have more questions about car window tinting in San Diego?

Call us at (858) 277-1823. At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we’re happy to answer your questions about car window tinting and any of the other services we offer.

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And just think, once you have the privacy of tinted windows, and maybe an upgraded security system (we can help with that, too), you can consider installing a quality stereo system without worry of theft.

Anything else? Just let us know. We look forward to helping you get out there and enjoy your ride. Contact Car Stereo City by calling (858) 277-1823.