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6 Amazing Car Theft Prevention & Security Systems

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6 Amazing Car Theft Prevention & Security Systems

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Viper Car Alarm at Car Stereo City San Diego.

According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the US. If you think car theft only happens to luxury brands, think again. Thieves typically steal cars that can be stripped down and sold off in pieces, which is why high-demand vehicles like the Toyota Camry continue to top “most stolen” lists year after year.

Thieves also tend to go for vehicles that aren’t a hassle to steal, so car theft prevention depends on a quality car alarm for both deterrence and recovery. Here are 6 amazing car security systems that will protect your investment and give you peace of mind whenever you’re not on the road:

1. Viper Car Theft Prevention

Viper is one of the most well-known and respected brand names in vehicle security for good reason—they offer a wide variety of alarm systems, and many newer models feature added perks like remote start and two-way communication with a frequency range of about 1,320 feet. When it comes to security, Viper has all bases covered: impact sensors that respond based on threat level, and a Failsafe Starter Kill that keeps the engine on lockdown.

2. Commando Car Security System

Commando car alarms go above and beyond simple theft deterrence, alerting you to a variety of issues on the remote’s easy-to-read LCD display: forced entry, engine startup, unauthorized access, opened trunks or doors, and even hard impacts to the vehicle. As a bonus, the remote’s 2,500-foot frequency range allows you to start the engine on chilly mornings from afar, or even lock your doors if you forget and remember once you’re on the other side of a large parking lot.

3. Avital Car Alarms

Avital car alarms are an affordable option for car theft prevention, featuring a Zone-2 impact sensor, a six-stage alarm, and a fault-proof starter interrupt, which makes it impossible for thieves to hotwire your car. Avital car security systems also come with one-way remotes with a frequency range of 1,500 feet, plus keyless entry, trunk release, and a panic button to make finding your car in a large parking lot a snap.

4. CarShield Security System

CarShield is more like a vehicle caretaker than a bodyguard, but its unique features more than compensate for a lack of blaring alarm sounds. Car safety is the priority, with integrated GPS providing tracking services in the event of a theft—or whenever your teenager is at the wheel. The system also connects with CarShield representatives to provide roadside assistance when needed. Plus, CarShield plugs into the diagnostics port to access your car’s computer system, and transmits critical data like oil pressure, battery charge and temperature straight to your phone.

5. OnStar Car Theft Prevention

Like CarShield, OnStar also offers GPS tracking and roadside assistance with the push of a button, but it goes one step beyond with the ability to remotely block the ignition from starting on newer cars and slow them down in the event of a high-speed chase. And with access to your car’s computer, OnStar can diagnose mechanical problems and alert you when regular maintenance service is needed.

6. LoJack Car Alarm

LoJack is another car security system that relies more on recovery than deterrence, but the company is so confident in its recovery rates (over 90 percent) that it offers a money-back guarantee if your stolen car is not found within 24 hours. The basis of their confidence is using radio tracking instead of GPS. GPS receivers rely on a clear line of sight to orbiting satellites, but LoJack’s radio receivers are strong enough to pick up a signal even in a concrete parking garage. Plus, LoJack’s partnership with police departments means your stolen car will show up on their computer tracking systems, significantly improving your chance of recovery. Bonus tip: Many car insurance companies offer a discount for installing LoJack.

Don’t leave your car vulnerable to theft. Get a car alarm installed at Car Stereo City

Another common misconception about car theft is that it only happens in bad neighborhoods or deserted streets. The truth is most thefts happen in parking lots and parking garages in heavily populated areas. Basically, car theft can happen to anyone, so don’t leave yourself—and your investment—vulnerable. At Car Stereo City, our car security experts can help you select the right alarm system for your needs, and we offer professional installation to ensure that everything works as it should. So give us a call at (858) 277-1823 or stop by our convenient location in Clairemont Mesa today.