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How Does a Car Bluetooth Stereo System Work?

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How Does a Car Bluetooth Stereo System Work?

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Car Stereo City Bluetooth Audio Installation.

Remember when you had to hack your car’s cassette player to hear digital music through your speakers? Car stereos have come a long way since the days of jammed tape decks and tangled aux cables. New cars, and even older luxury models, now have Bluetooth technology that makes it possible to play your favorite tunes from your smartphone without messy wires and cords. Not only does hands-free calling and connectivity make for a safer ride, but a Bluetooth stereo system can also make the overall driving experience a lot more fun.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a Bluetooth car stereo, you’re probably curious about how it works and whether it’s worth the investment. We created a quick guide to help you get familiar with the Bluetooth basics so you know what to look for when you start shopping.

What is car Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices to link together over short distances. You might use Bluetooth to connect a wireless mouse to your computer or to hook up cordless headphones to your iPod. Car Bluetooth functions in the same way. It allows you to use your smartphone hands-free, which means you don’t have to hold your device or plug it into your car to make calls, use GPS navigation, or play music.

How does a car Bluetooth stereo system work?

A Bluetooth stereo system uses low-power, short-range transmitters to send and receive information over radio waves. When you get into a car with a Bluetooth stereo, it will recognize your smartphone and make a “pairing request.” All you have to do is tap “pair” on both devices and they will automatically connect over one of 79 available channels. From here, you can access your phone’s contacts, messages, music, and map from your Bluetooth stereo interface.

To minimize interference with other Bluetooth devices, your smartphone and Bluetooth stereo will change the channel they’re using thousands of times per second. This is called spread-spectrum frequency hopping, and it’s also done to improve security. Because Bluetooth only works over very short distances, your smartphone will automatically disconnect when you reach your destination and step out of the car.

What can a car Bluetooth stereo system do?

One of the benefits of buying an after-market Bluetooth stereo is that you can choose the features you want. Depending on the model, you may be able to answer a phone call or send a text message with voice activation. Other systems might require you to interact with a touch screen to accept a call and hear it through your speakers. Nearly all Bluetooth stereos can stream music from a compatible device to your speakers without creating a mess of tangled cables. And, advanced models can even connect with a car video system to create a full-blown mobile entertainment center.

Get connected with a Bluetooth Stereo System at Car Stereo City in San Diego

California law makes it illegal to talk on your phone while driving. A Bluetooth car stereo system allows you to stay connected hands-free and avoid pricey tickets. Plus, the fact that you can take your entire music library in your pocket makes sitting in rush hour traffic a lot less painful. At Car Stereo City, we’ll set you up with a Bluetooth stereo that’s compatible with your iPhone or Android and provide installation right here at our San Diego store. Give us a call at (858) 217-5960 or stop by today to see what more we can do for you.