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What Is the Difference Between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

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What Is the Difference Between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are revolutionizing the driving experience. These two stereo interfaces allow you to access many of your favorite smartphone apps while sitting comfortably behind the wheel, allowing you to easily make and receive a phone call or text, navigate with driving directions, listen to all of your favorite music, and more. While both systems have very similar functionalities, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have one main glaring difference between the two. Apple CarPlay pairs with an iPhone, while Android Auto pairs with an Android smartphone. However, besides this one primary difference, there are a few other distinctions between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To learn more or to get a quote on installation, contact Car Stereo City in San Diego today by calling (858) 277-1823.

1. Home Screen Organization

Similar to Apple and Android phones, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have very different user interfaces, resulting in a drastically different organization and design. Apple CarPlay tries to keep its display similar to the display for an iPhone, with a large scrollable screen featuring icons for popular apps such as Phone, Messages, Maps, Podcasts, and Music. Apple always strives to design products that are simple and intuitive, and Apple CarPlay is no different. Android Auto features a group of app shortcuts on the bottom of the screen, meaning you do not need to go to your home screen to access a different app. Instead, the home screen features your most recent notifications, along with relevant information regarding the weather and any navigation instructions.

2. Playing Music and Other Audio

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows for access to a wide variety of music streaming platforms, along with Apple Music and Google Play. The difference is the experience while listening to music or audio. Apple CarPlay allows users to access their playlists, browse music, and view information about the song currently playing. Android Auto features much of the same information, allowing you to see what is playing next, recently played, shuffle, and playlists. However, Android Auto does not want users to browse through music while driving for safety reasons, so if you spend too much time browsing you will be implored to use Google Assistant to find the song you are looking for. Android Auto also automatically turns down the volume of your chosen audio when your navigation system needs to give verbal directions.   

3. Sending and Receiving Phone Calls and Texts

Through the voice command platforms of Siri and Google Assistant for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, respectively, you can send and receive both phone calls and text messages. Text messages will be read aloud to the driver, and the driver can then dictate their response verbally. The main difference between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is the third-party messaging apps and type of messages each platform supports. Android Auto supports Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, ICQ, Kik, and other messaging apps, while Apple CarPlay supports iMessages, SMS, and only WhatsApp.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Installation at Car Stereo City

Car Stereo City in San Diego specializes in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installation, providing you with a cutting-edge entertainment system regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android. If you are interested in learning more about the functionality of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or would like a quote on installation, contact Car Stereo City today by calling (858) 277-1823.