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Custom Car Lighting Guide | HID + LED + Tinted Headlights

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Custom Car Lighting Guide | HID + LED + Tinted Headlights

Car Stereo City

Vehicle lighting is of the utmost importance. Whether you are trying to illuminate a dark and abandoned road on a cold winter night or want to add a fun splash of color to your vehicle with lighting that gets the party started, vehicle lighting can make or break a car. At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we understand just how essential good vehicle lighting is, as we are the premier custom car lighting shop in San Diego. No matter what kind of aftermarket car lights you are after, our team of car lighting and headlight experts can get you set up with exactly what you desire.

We offer an array of different custom car lighting options, and to help you decide exactly what you want, we have compiled a custom car lighting guide, including information on HID lighting, LED lighting, and tinted headlights. To learn more, read on or give us a call at (858) 277-1823.


The two primary types of aftermarket custom headlights we offer are HID headlights and LED projector headlights. We also offer custom headlight tinting, giving your headlights a distinct and exciting look.

  • HID Headlights

HID headlights use cutting-edge High-Intensity Discharge technology to give you incredibly bright and safe headlights. These lights mimic the light of the sun rather than the traditional yellowish light that comes from a headlight, allowing you to more clearly see the road ahead of you. Not only that, HID headlights consume a smaller amount of energy than the traditional headlight, and as a result are much more long lasting. In fact, HID headlights can last up to 3 times as long as the traditional headlight, giving you amazing visibility and efficiency. Drive safely on even the darkest nights in San Diego with HID headlights.

  • LED Projector Headlights

LED projector headlights use Light Emitting Diode technology to produce the most energy efficient headlight that is currently available. This efficiency also gives LED projector headlights a ridiculously long lifespan, meaning you do not have to have as many burdensome trips to the auto shop to get them replaced. These ultra bright headlights are also formulated to not blind drivers, so when you come around a bend with your LED projector headlights on there is no risk that you will impair any other drivers on the road. LED projector headlights are an excellent option for any driver.

  • Headlight Tinting

A headlight tint allows you to customize your car headlights, giving them either a smoky look or a custom color. Not only that but a custom headlight tint also protects your headlights from damage, helping to preserve them over time. At Car Stereo City, we offer a variety of different custom headlight tinting colors and options, including a headlight tint in chameleon, headlight tint in yellow, and a variety of other colors. If you cannot find a headlight tint that perfectly suits your needs, we can custom design a headlight tint that is exactly what you want.

Interior Custom Vehicle Lighting

Light up the inside of your car or truck with interior vehicle lighting. You can customize literally every aspect of the interior of your car, adding LED lights to either help you see the interior of your car or to add personality with a variety of colors.

  • Dashboard Lighting

Custom dashboard lights can change the entire look and feel of your car, allowing you to customize the way your dash looks as you race down the freeway. No matter what design or color you desire, we can make it a reality with custom dashboard lighting.

  • App-Controlled Lighting

If you want to turn your car into a party bus, get app-controlled lighting installed in your car. With the touch of a finger on your smartphone or tablet, you can change the interior glow of your car, or cycle through an abundance of colors. This is a perfect addition for a Lyft or Uber driver who wants to add a bit of pizazz to your next ride!

  • Interior LED Light Strips

If you have a truck or car that does not have as much interior light as you would like, you can install an interior LED light strip. This custom vehicle lighting will be flawlessly integrated into your vehicle, allowing you to have an additional light source that is not an eyesore.

Exterior Custom Vehicle Lighting

Custom lighting is not just for the interior of your vehicle. Turns heads and dazzle any passersby with custom exterior vehicle lighting. Car Stereo City is a custom car lighting shop that specializes in unique and cool exterior lighting of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

  • LED Underbody Lighting

LED underbody lighting allows your car to make an imprint on the road, shining a bright light onto the street below it as it cruises through San Diego. An LED underbody kit comes in a variety of different colors and shades, and gives your car a distinctive and glowing aura.

  • LED Accent Kit

Make a select part of your car stand out with an LED accent kit. These slim lights can curl around your car headlights, tail lights, or other parts of your vehicle to make them stand out from the rest of your vehicle. We offer custom LED accent kit installation, allowing you to accent any part of your car you so desire.

  • LED Light Bar

An LED light bar mounts on the front or hood of your vehicle, giving you extra light to help guide you through the darkness. If you like off-roading or riding through the desert, an LED light bar can help you always drive safely and see the path in front of you.

Aftermarket Car Lights and Vehicle Lighting at Car Stereo City in San Diego

No matter what kind of vehicle lighting you are looking for, Car Stereo City is the San Diego custom car lighting shop that can help. We offer a variety of different lighting options, including HID headlights, LED projector headlights, headlight tinting, interior lighting, exterior lighting, and much more. Whatever kind of vehicle lighting you can imagine, we can make it a reality. If you are interested in learning more or would like a quote on custom vehicle lighting installation, contact Car Stereo City in San Diego today by calling (858) 277-1823.