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What Kind of Car Alarm System is Right for Me?

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What Kind of Car Alarm System is Right for Me?

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Car Alarm System San Diego.

No matter where you live or how safe parking lots and structures might seem, car thefts can happen anywhere at any time. But thieves still aim for discretion, which is why the blaring siren of a car alarm system is the best way to deter them from stealing your car or any valuables you might have inside, including expensive aftermarket stereo systems.

Whether you choose a basic car alarm system or a fancier system with all the bells and whistles, investing in your car’s security is much more affordable than replacing the car or stolen items. So how do you choose the best alarm system for you? The first step is answering a few questions about your alarm system needs:

What is your purpose for buying a car alarm?

Car thefts can happen anywhere, but that doesn’t mean all car owners have the same security needs. One-way systems send commands from the remote to the vehicle, while more complex two-way alarm systems also transmit information from the vehicle to the remote. If you live in an area with a high number of auto thefts and break-ins, a two-way alarm system might be a better bet because it will indicate when the alarm has been triggered and whether the doors are locked or unlocked.

Where do you park your car in San Diego?

Two-way alarm systems are great for connecting you with your vehicle’s security status, but some have stronger frequency ranges than others. This makes a difference if you live or work somewhere at a distance from where your car is parked. Other factors, such as living or working in a high-rise building or an area with high electronic or radio frequency use, can interrupt communication between your remote and your vehicle, so you’ll need to select an alarm with an adequate frequency signal and range.

What kind of theft prevention sensors do you want?

Car alarm systems are designed to go off during an active break-in, but some systems have additional sensors to boost theft deterrence. Proximity sensors will chirp when someone gets too close, and they also help identify obstacles to the front and rear of the car when driving. As an added bonus, most proximity sensors will detect when you and your remote are nearby, automatically disarming the alarm and unlocking your door.

Impact sensors trigger a warning chirp or alarm siren when your vehicle is bumped or hit by potential intruders, but sometimes they can be overly sensitive. Windy conditions and loud noises can trigger impact sensors, so if you live in a windy or loud urban area, you might want to avoid this feature.

Do you want a remote-start function for your car security system?

Many new alarm systems on the market are available with a remote start function, which means you can start your engine from a distance with your alarm system remote. This is great for getting the heater going on chilly mornings or the air conditioning pumping on hot afternoons long before you get in the car. If you opt for a remote start feature, you’ll need additional equipment to install in the engine in addition to a compatible alarm system.

Do you want to sync your car alarm system with your smartphone?

Two-way alarm systems are controlled through a keychain remote, and many are manufactured with smartphone compatibility in mind.  This feature extends your regular monitoring range, enabling you to monitor your vehicle when you’re out of town or even overseas. And all you need is a cell signal at the location of your vehicle.

What additional features do you need for your car security system?

In addition to providing security, car alarm systems are available in a wide variety of extra features to make your life easier. Deciding which of the following features appeals to you will help narrow down your alarm system choices:

Automatic re-arm

Re-locks doors if you don’t open them after pressing the unlock/disarm button on the remote.

Ignition control

Automatically locks doors when the ignition is turned on and unlocks them when the ignition is off and the key is removed.

Car finder mode

Chirps and flashes parking lights when you can’t find your car in a parking lot.

Immobilizing feature

Prevents the engine from starting when the alarm is activated.

Have more questions? Ask the car alarm & theft prevention experts at Car Stereo City

Now that you have a better idea of what you want, the second step in choosing the right system is to consult with the car alarm installation specialists at Car Stereo City. We carry the best car alarm brands like Viper and Avital, and our professional staff can answer all your questions about car security to help you select the right alarm system for your needs and budget. We also offer professional installation services to ensure your alarm is working properly, and if you purchase your system at Car Stereo City, installation is free. Contact Car Stereo City today by calling (858) 277-1823.