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The Benefits of SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Your Car

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The Benefits of SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Your Car

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Car Stereo City SiriusXM Satellite Radio Installation.

If you love music, you probably love all the options available for listening to your favorite tunes: CDs, MP3s, and even vinyl, which is making a surprisingly trendy comeback. And if you’re like a lot of other music lovers out there, your least favorite way to listen to music is on the radio.

But that may be because you haven’t tried satellite radio. If that’s the case, you’re missing out on one of the most popular music trends of the century. Check out these benefits of SiriusXM satellite radio and decide for yourself:

No Commercials With Satellite Radio in Your Car

“Free” terrestrial radio isn’t actually free—in exchange for music, listeners are forced to sit through frequent commercial breaks for goods and services most of them don’t even want. But the programs available on satellite radio are provided by subscriber revenue, not advertiser revenue, which means endless commercial-free music at your fingertips.

SiriusXM Radio is Customized to Your Taste

If you’re a fan of a particular music genre, you’re probably used to the frustration of hearing one or two songs you like on a local radio station mixed with plenty of songs you don’t. SiriusXM satellite radio offers over a hundred ultra-specific music channels, such as 80s hair bands, 90s grunge, and classic soul/Motown. There are even music channels dedicated to single artists or bands like Pearl Jam, the Grateful Dead, and Bruce Springsteen.  Some channels are curated by artists themselves—Tom Petty, Eminem, and Garth Brooks, to name a few.

No Static on Your Satellite Radio, Coast to Coast

The discovery of radio waves was revolutionary, but using them to listen to music has its drawbacks—most notably, static. Even within range of your local radio station, obstructions can fuzz out your favorite songs with static, and you’re completely out of luck if you want to listen in the next county over. Satellite radio uses a digital radio signal, offering crystal clear audio no matter where you go, so you can keep rocking out from San Diego all the way to Maine if you want.

Metadata For Your Favorite Songs and Artists at a Glance

Song-detecting apps are great for those frequent “who sings this?” moments while listening to the radio, but fiddling with your phone while driving is unsafe—and mostly illegal. Thankfully, SiriusXM satellite radio provides metadata like song titles and artist information right there on the display, so you’ll never have to wonder again who’s singing that song you just fell in love with.

There is More Than Music on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

It’s a common misconception that satellite radio offers tons of music and little else, but SiriusXM offers a wide range of sports, news, talk shows, comedy, and plenty more. There are also programs offering detailed local traffic and weather information just in case that’s the only part of terrestrial radio that you find useful.

No Censorship on Satellite Radio in Your Car

There’s a reason Howard Stern jumped ship from terrestrial radio to satellite in 2005—and it wasn’t just the lucrative compensation package. All satellite radio programs are uncensored, whether it’s racy talk radio or hip hop songs that are normally full of annoying beeps when they play on local radio.

Affordable Listening Options With SiriusXM Satellite Radio

SiriusXM satellite radio offers a variety of packages depending on your listening needs, starting as low as $10.99 a month. In exchange for hundreds of channels of great music, superior audio quality, and the ability to listen whenever and wherever you want, it’s more than worth the price of a couple of lattes a month.

Ready to Break Beyond the Limits of Local Radio in Your Car?

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits satellite radio has to offer, Car Stereo City can help. We have the best receiver brands for SiriusXM radio, plus a huge selection of car stereo components if you want to fully upgrade your mobile music experience. We also offer expert installation and the most knowledgeable car audio professionals, so call us at (858) 277-1823.