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New Year's Resolutions for your Car in 2017

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New Year's Resolutions for your Car in 2017

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Car stereo system installation in San Diego.

It’s that time of year again, when we vow to do certain things differently than we did in the past 12 months. The goal, as always, is to stick to the resolutions this time instead of forgetting them by Feb. 1. The problem with most New Year’s resolutions is that goals to become ideal versions of ourselves are often unrealistic and usually doomed to failure.

But there are some New Year’s promises we can safely make—and actually keep! Like taking better care of our vehicles in the upcoming year. Because most of us use our cars as our primary form of transportation, they are one of the most important possessions we have. Comprehensive vehicle care and technological upgrades are not only vital to maintaining our daily routines, but they will also help our cars last longer and command a higher resale or trade-in price.

So this year, why not set yourself up for success by considering one (or more) of the following New Year’s resolutions for your car in 2017.

Upgrade your stereo system with custom speaker installation

If you’ve been suffering the mediocre sound of a stock stereo system for years, it’s time to look into an upgrade. A new receiver, speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer will transform your car into a musical utopia, where you can hear and appreciate every bass line and high note. Even after-market systems in the low- to mid-price range can make a significant difference. So do your car—and your ears—a favor and invest in a car audio system that truly sings.

Keep up with scheduled maintenance in your car in San Diego

Every car owner’s manual has a place in the back to record regular maintenance checks. But the truth is, almost every manual in every car in the US remains blank. It’s easy to forget to keep up on oil changes and tune-ups, but neglected vehicles burn more fuel and are at higher risk of breaking down. That’s why you should resolve to take your car in for regular tune ups, keep fluids changed (not just oil, but transmission fluid, steering and brake fluid, engine coolant, etc.), check the tire pressure at each fuel fill-up, and have your tires rotated regularly.

Get your car windows tinted with premium tinted windows

While it might seem like this suggestion is a luxury on par with a new stereo system, window tinting is actually great for maintaining your vehicle. UV-blocking window film prevents upholstery from fading, and it also keeps the interior cool. Not only does window tinting make the car more comfortable in the summer months, but it will also save you gas and energy by not requiring as much air conditioning.

Be a fuel-efficient driver to save money in San Diego

Resolving to be more accepting, more relaxed, more successful, or even a better or safer driver is difficult. Resolving to be a more fuel-efficient driver is much easier. Simple tips include avoiding sudden accelerations and aggressive stops (which strain your engine and brakes) and trying not to speed (which can increase your fuel consumption by up to 35 percent). Also, try leaving your house five minutes earlier for work every day to ensure a smooth, relaxed ride. If you’re lucky, these simple tips might even make a better driver out of you in the long run, official resolution or not!

Get a car security system & theft prevention installed

One of the best ways to care for your car is to ensure that it stays in your possession. And the best way to do that is to invest in a security system, which will also protect your belongings inside your car. Modern car alarm systems also typically come with the added benefit of a remote starter, so you can warm up your car on those frosty winter mornings (yes, even in San Diego) before hopping in.

Learn how to detail your car to keep it looking great

Keeping the interior and exterior of your car clean is essential to protecting its value. Dust and dirt can wreak havoc on paint jobs, and stains and odors that are allowed to sit can become permanent. And while semi-regular trips to the car wash and occasional light vacuuming are better than nothing, sometimes your car needs a deep cleaning, inside and out, especially if you ever plan on selling it. If you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a comprehensive detail job, check out online tutorials for DIY detailing. Other than a few hours of your time, only a few basic tools are required.

Install a car video system & car television screen

If you have kids, the only thing you’ll regret about installing a car video system is not doing it years ago. While you listen to your own choice of music from the in-dash stereo, passengers can pop on a pair of headphones and watch movies or play video games. Different passengers can even entertain themselves separately if everyone has their own video screen. That means no more arguing and annoying each other on purpose, and no more constant stream of “Are we there yet?”

Car Stereo City can get your car an amazing car stereo system

Making these New Year’s resolutions stick is easy as a trip to Car Stereo City. We carry the top brands in car audio, car video, security systems, window tinting and more, and we offer professional installation on all our products. So resolve to be a better car owner in 2017 and come see us in Kearny Mesa. Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego by calling (858) 277-1823.