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What are Lambo Doors & How to Install Lambo Doors

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What are Lambo Doors & How to Install Lambo Doors

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Car Stereo City lambo door installation

Your car is an extension of you. The car you drive says something about your lifestyle, your character, or your values. For example, your statement might be: environmentally conscious (electric car); aggressive (monster truck); or quirky (Mini Cooper).  There are also a million things you can do to customize your car (LED lights, shiny rims, racing stripes) and bolster the statement it makes.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car and make a statement that says, “Boom. This is how I roll,” then we have two words for you: Lambo doors.

What are Lambo Doors?

Lambo doors – also known as scissor doors, beetle-wing doors, turtles, or switchblade doors – are named from the car with which they are most closely associated: the Lamborghini. In fact, "Lambo" is short for Lamborghini, and when you add Lambo doors to your car, you get a fun, sporty, luxury feel that is inherent to the Lamborghini.

Scissor doors work like this: instead of opening out like a traditional car door, they open up, pivoting on a hinge just behind the front fender. These doors come standard on the Lamborghini Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago models, as well as some other non-Lamborghini cars.

Why are Lambo Doors necessary?

For many cars, they aren't. They are a cosmetic upgrade that can make your car look and feel more like a luxury sports car. But the truth is that the origination of the Lambo Door was not exclusively about style. In fact, the Countach – the car on which the Lambo Doors were first placed – had such poor visibility that the driver had to open the car door and lean out to see behind the car. Because of this, the designers decided to have the door open upward instead of out, in order to minimize the chances that a door would be torn off while a driver was looking behind the car. For the Diablo and the Murcielago, they were a purely cosmetic choice.

Along with the possibility of operating the vehicle with the doors open, Lambo Doors offer a great advantage when parking in tight spaces. Having Lambo Doors also reduces hazards to cyclists.

What does a Lambo Door Upgrade entail?

A Lambo Door Kit does not replace the doors of your car, only the front hinges. When you bring your car in for the upgrade, we’ll remove the front fender and possibly the front bumper as well. But it's otherwise an easy update: we’ll install the new vertical hinges in place of the factory hinges, and (if necessary) apply new trim to the fender and door to make everything look beautifully streamlined. We’ll also reconfigure the body-to-door wiring harness to allow for a greater distance between the door and the body when the door is fully opened.

Car Stereo City in San Diego are the Lambo Door Experts

At Car Stereo City, we can get your car looking like a luxury sports car in no time with a Lambo Door upgrade. Your car is more than just a car; it is an expression of who you are. Let us help you make a real statement, one that requires no words at all.

Give us a call or drop by to talk to us about your new Lambo doors today. Contact Car Stereo City today by calling (858) 277-1823.