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Car Stereo City in Kearny Mesa has the best car audio, car video and security systems in San Diego.

The Best Brands in Car Alarm, Security & Theft Prevention

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The Best Brands in Car Alarm, Security & Theft Prevention

Car Stereo City

Car Stereo City carries Avital, Auto Page & Viper alarms.

You keep your beloved ride immaculately clean, follow the maintenance schedule to the letter, and deck it out with a killer stereo or smartphone-integrated system. And then one day your window’s smashed in and the stereo’s gone—or worse, there’s only a sprinkling of shattered glass where your car used to be.

Car theft and break-ins are every car owner’s nightmare. It can happen anywhere, from your home to your work to the mall parking lot. That’s why securing your car with an alarm system is one of the smartest investments you can make. At Car Stereo City, we know you’re serious about your car, and we believe you should be just as serious about protecting it. That’s why we carry only the best brands in auto theft prevention. Take a look below at some of what we offer:

Auto Page Car Alarm and Security System

Auto Page Car Theft Prevention San Diego 

One of the features that Auto Page offers in its range of auto security systems is a two-stage alarm: stage one will sound if someone opens your hood, door or trunk, or if someone hits your vehicle; stage two will sound if someone hits your car at a high velocity, indicating a break-in. And what’s even better, the system doesn’t cause many false alarms, so your neighbors won’t shun you over a too-sensitive system.

As with most modern car alarm systems, the Auto Page system comes with a remote starter with a large LCD screen for easy viewing and the ability to support two vehicles with a single remote. The screen also provides data such as internal car temperature. And while the range for the starter is usually about 500 feet, it can be expanded with a window-mounted super extender. Some models come with one included.

Avital Car Security System & Theft Prevention

Avital Car Security System and Alarms at Car Stereo City.

Also featuring keyless entry and remote start, Avital’s range of alarm systems are priced for customers on a budget, but the basic features still manage to be sophisticated enough to compare to higher-end brands. Shock sensors protect the entire car from any disturbance, sounding the alarm when windows break, when the car is jacked up for someone to steal your tires, or even if someone tries to tow your car away.

Another handy feature is that if a thief manages to hotwire your car and attempts to put your car in gear without inserting the key, the car will immediately turn off. Avital systems also include trunk release options, valet mode, and other key features that are crucial to security but won’t bust your budget.

Viper Car Alarm and Theft Prevention

Viper alarms, theft prevention and security systems.

Viper is a highly recognizable name in car alarms, and for good reason. Details like a rechargeable remote battery with a micro USB port sets it above the competition, along with a one-mile transmitting range, silent or vibration alarm alert modes, a large display screen so you can monitor your car at all times, and the ability to monitor two cars at once. The remote can also send you interior temperature alerts so you can remotely start up the A/C (or heater on those rare chilly San Diego mornings).

As for the actual alarm, a six-tone siren will increase in volume depending on the threat—light impact will result in a light chirp, while a heavy impact will dramatically increase the volume. And while parking tickets have little to do with security, the Viper system has the ability to alert you five or 15 minutes before your parking meter expires. One of the best features by far is that the Viper system can integrate with your smartphone, offering several more options than what’s available on the remote.

Get a premium car alarm system installed at Car Stereo City

At Car Stereo City in San Diego, we supply and install the industry’s leading car alarm brands, plus all the top car stereo manufacturers (in case you don’t yet have an audio system that needs protecting). So if you’re ready to invest in the security of your beloved ride, visit our location in Kearny Mesa to consult with our installation professionals today. Contact Car Stereo City in San Diego today by calling (858) 277-1823.